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Three tips to improve your Instagram Marketing Strategy in 2020

Veröffentlicht am 23.07.2020 von Natia

It is essential for any business in 2020 to stay active and updated on social media. As Instagram has lately become a top social platform for advertisers or brands, you will continuously need a current plan for your business account if you want to survive among all competitors.

Increase your audience

Every successful Instagram Marketing plan includes growing the followers' base. Without that, you will simply always struggle to get your content seen. Of course, sales will also be difficult without a considerable amount of followers. Starting gaining followers may seem intimidating at the beginning. Still, it’s quite real if you keep looking for them in proper ways.


Create a strong first impression

First impressions do matter the most. So, try to make the introduction of your posts most impressive and eye-catching. Also, pay great attention to your profile picture and biography and try to show there who you are and what you do. The audience will pay attention to these two things, as well as your most recent posts.


Don't Be Annoying

We have mentioned above that you should be active. But that doesn't mean to be annoying. Don't make all your posts promoting. It may have just an opposite effect on your audience. Instead, you can mix up your content. Sometimes you can be funny and post some more free content like the photos of your staff in the working process. Just stay topic-related and don't go too far from your brand's overall image